Sri NammAzhwAr’s Periya Thiruvandhadhi Text and translation

Dear Friends and BhAgavathAs:

It has been a delightful experience studying Sri SwAmi Nammazhwar’s work Periya ThiruvandhAdhi text with the commentary of Sri Periya VAcchAn Pillai.Due to the grace of th Azhwar and the Acharya, I was able to complete the translation of the work along with the meaning based on the great Acharya’s VyAkhyAnam. It was submitted at the divine feet of the Azhwar and Perumal on the Vaikasi Vishakam day at our temple in Toronto this year a few weeks ago. The e-book is completed and I am delighted to share the same with all of you through  our web site. Some of you who have been to our web site previously would know that the Periya Thiruvandhadhi in audio format set to music has neen in our Pasuram audio category for several months now. May be you can revisit the same and enjoy the verses  now together with their meaning provided in the text. In the text you will actually see our Perumal and Azhwar in their archa forms adorning our temple with a beautiful smile.

The auspicious day of Thiru Adi Pooram occurred this week two days ago. In celebration of the same as well I am delighted to release the text through our web site this week.

Hope you like the same. The link is provided below.

With best regards / Adiyen ranganathan