ThirivAdi Pooram_July 30_2014

Dear Friends and BhAgavathAs:

Today is the very auspicious day of ThiruvAdi Pooram. Very happy ThiruvAdi Pooram to you all.   We  like to provide here Links, to other very reputed and well known Sri Vaishnava sites. You may b already very familiar with them as well.

1. The foremost among them is which host many treasured texts and beautiful commentaries organized and maintained by Sriman V. Sadgopan Swami

2. Prapatti On line which provides texts for  many stothras as well as the entire divya prabandham

3. Another site which is also  quite helpful for all AstikAs and Bhgavathas is

My sincere gratitude and salutations  to the organizers of these valuable sites for their wonderful kainkaryams.May the grace of Sri AndAl, the AzhwArs and the AchAryas, be with them and their families always.

 adiyén Ranganathan

July 30_2014