Pasurams Text and Translation:Sri Bhudat Azhwar’s Irandaam Thiruvandhadhi

Sri Bhudat Azhwar’s Prabhandham, Irandaam Thiruvandhadhi had been elegantly commented upon by the  great Acharya Sri Peria Vaachaan Pillai. Free translation with commentary in English of this beautiful prabhandham based on the Vyaakhyaanam of the great Acharya was authored and published in book format in the year 2002 by Sri. N.Rajagopalan. The main source for this translation was the invaluable work published on the original Vyaakhyaanams by Sri Vaishnava Sudarsanam and authored by  the great scholar and venerable Swami Sri. S. Krishnaswamy Iyengar. M.A.B.L. We are pleased to make the pdf documents of this English translation accessible through this web site.